Custom Shirts, Custom Blouses, Custom Made Polo Shirts, Custom Made Uniforms, Apparel Manufacturer, clothing manufacturer Welborne Corporate Image Custom Made Uniforms:

The first step to custom made uniforms is that we get to know your business, brand identity and your uniform needs.
Our experienced design team prepare concepts or find existing designs that fit your brief. Once you are happy with the
concepts our in-house pattern & sample making facilities creates your unique custom made uniform exclusive to your business.

All patterns and original samples are manufactured and held locally. This level of local content in the design and development of existing styles as well as new design allows us to offer continuity of style and size for the life of the uniform look selected.

Benefits to a well-designed uniform:

  • Create an attractive business image: By selecting an appropriate employee uniform can immediately establish a professional business image that attracts and helps retain customers.
  • Promote your company or brand: As employees wear uniforms displaying corporate logos and colours, they help promote brand awareness and differentiate their business in the markets.
  • Free advertising: Well-designed work uniforms worn in public become “walking billboards,” promoting your company’s products and services.
  • Improve security: Company uniforms featuring specific styles or colors quickly identify who does or does not belong in specific work areas or on job sites.
  • Foster team spirit: Work uniforms promote a sense of team spirit and a sense of belonging. This, in turn, can improve worker productivity.
  • Improve customer relationships: Work uniforms immediately identify company representatives who can be approached for purchasing information, thereby improving overall customer service.
  • Promote company pride: Work uniforms help instill a sense of pride and responsibility and can convert employees into “brand ambassadors” outside the actual workplace.