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All Samples will be invoiced to the customer, for account customers these will be charged to their account, for non-account customers, payment for samples is required at the time the samples are requested.

Samples are invoiced at the 1-9 quantity price inclusive of freight.


  • Samples must be ordered on the Sample Garment Order Form available in the Downlands section.
  • Must be returned within 10 days of receipt to be eligible for return.
  • Will be credited /refunded once returned, less a $5 handling fee and freight charges.
  • A Full Credit/refund will be issued if an order in excess of $1000 is placed.


This is a great way to allow staff to try the garments, place an order for a size range, then after you have completed the size checking process :-

  • Samples used during the size checking process can become part of the order.
  • Samples can be returned and will be credited in full and re-invoiced as part of bulk order at relevant quantity prices.
  • Garments can have embroidery added if required.
  • All sizes from the initial size range must be re-invoiced to the customer.


  • Custom Made samples are produced according to customers’ individual requirements & request, and will attract a Custom Made Sample surcharge of 100% of the garment cost.
  • If an order of over $2500 is placed against the sample, then the Custom Made Sample Surcharge will be credited.
  • Custom Made Samples cannot be returned for credit / refund if no order is placed.

Return Freight costs on ALL Samples is the responsibility of the customer.